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Arches of Hope - Hope For the Next Generations

Martial Arts Perth – Empowers Your Child

Martial arts Perth is not like your typical karate dojo.  We offer you many benefits apart from providing the self-protection. The benefits provided by Martial Arts Perth include various physical and mental benefits. The mental benefits include positive attitude that is obtained owing to the growth of self-confidence and control, reduction of stress, improved and enhanced concentration powers. Whereas the physical benefits gained by learning karate include balance improvement, control over weight through cardiovascular workouts, increased stamina and improved co-ordination. Many of you ponder upon the question ‘Are those benefits just limited to grown ups?’ the answer to it is ‘NO’ because not only the grown ups but everyone including the kids can have the benefits of martial arts.

Kids karate helps kids in attaining self-confidence, enhanced focus and self-control. Even though parents have the impression that the martial arts like karate are dangerous for children to attempts, and they take it as motivating kids for carrying out violent activities. Their worries are acceptable in some martial arts as Jiu-Jitsu, which is more aggressive and dangerous, and requires more maturity. But karate is a martial art that focuses more on concentration power, spiritual awareness, positive attitude of a child rather than just punching and kicking.

Karate, the martial arts developed at Okinawa, Japan is an empty handed style, where kicking and punching is taught with the sole purpose of self-defense and not to encourage violent activities. Kids Karate teaches kids to respect one another without getting involved in unnecessary violence, it makes them learn how to face difficult situations and tackle them without fear, maintain co-ordination and discipline as in-disciplinary approach has no place in Karate.  The nurturing in kids is in a way that their potential abilities are explored first and then their respective physical skills as co-ordination, balancing is improved along with focus on concentration power, listening abilities, increased positive attitude. Precisely karate focuses on aspects as physical, social, and self-confidence for development and to do, so the kids are made to do regular exercises that are deals issues like balancing blood circulation, decreasing cholesterol level, enhance flexibility of muscles and joints. Many a times the sense draws the kids to a certain limit to achieve a given target i.e. psychological stress increases, so the kids are required to use their mental concentration to attain the target. Such activities help the kids to learn commitment, concentration which enhances their mental health.

Different difficulty levels are set up with different color belts available in karate which requires behavioral changes like changes in initiative actions, attention so as to measure the progress of each kid. Once they learn to determine their goals and manage to succeed the difficult odds, their self-esteem and confidence will increase. The belts provided are a way to provide constructive feedback that would reinforce a sense of succession within them.

Thus, in order to develop qualities as improved level of energy, enhanced focus and concentration, positive attitude, compassion, faith and the strength to defend themselves than making them learn karate is a suitable option with nothing to fear about.

Will I be Happier if I Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Lots of people undergo cosmetic surgery to make them feel happier about their appearance. However, happiness should not be the one and only aim. No one can deny that some surgical procedures such as liposuction might make you feel chirpier, but you must be sure before you make a firm commitment. If you are thinking of having liposuction or breast implants first consult with your plastic surgeon. Perth is home to some of the best surgeons in the world.

If cosmetic surgery won’t make you happy, what will? Lots of people are not confident with their appearance and confident people tend to be happier people. Some have dieted and exercised to transform their body, however, they still feel that surgery will make them more confident. It is difficult to get rid of unwanted fat and some people find confidence after having their fat surgically removed. If you have been considering breast implants, Perth is home to some of the most experienced surgeons who can help you to feel confident in your own skin.

A confident person shines and people who are confident tend to succeed in life. Low self-esteem can impact on your personal life but confidence helps people to forge strong relationships with their partners. In fact, Perth is the best place to undergo such surgery, and this type of surgical procedure has helped many women to find their ideal partner. Liposuction and breast implantation give you a contoured body and your streamlined body will make you feel much more confident.

Consult with a plastic surgeon to talk about your goals. If you feel that you would be happier and more confident after undergoing liposuction then tell the surgeon so. The surgeons understand that some people are not happy with the shape of their body but the majority of surgeons are only happy to operate on people who are totally committed. If you dream of having breast implants, Perth is your best bet because the surgeons are very understanding.

Most people are happy to undergo liposuction and many women who have breast implants love their new look. Lots of people feel that plastic surgery will bring happiness but life just isn’t like that. However, it is safe to say that most people love their slim body after liposuction, so all in all the procedure has a high success rate. Everyone has a unique body but you are entitled to feel comfortable with the shape of your body. If you long to have liposuction or breast implants, Perth is the ideal destination because the city is home to some of the finest surgeons. Consult with a plastic surgeon to talk about your goals. If you need advice about breast augmentation, implantation or liposuction contact your local surgeon.

What is Arches of Hope?

The Arches of Hope was curated by Lifebeat and MTV Staying Alive. It is aimed to be an inspiring interactive art to remind us on the detrimental effect of HIV and AIDS over the last 30 years. The Arches of Hope campaigns capitalized on the popularity of social media to get the words across for a HIV free generation.

Arches of Hope

About 34 million people in the world are living with HIV and Aids, and more than 30 million people have died. Although the progress to combat HIV and Aids has come a long way, but there will be more that needed to be done to eradicate it.

The Arches of Hope is made up of three 10-foot tall arches which representing the three decades of struggling and challenges against HIV and AIDS. These Arches consisted of 223 blocks, that advocates the support by Lifebeat and MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

The Inauguration of The Arches of Hope took place on January 17, 2013 at THE OUT NYC, which was sponsored by “Keep The Promise On HIV/AIDS”.

Our call to you to take action
Please help to spread the word using the share hashtag #ArchesofHope to promote your ‘messages of hope’ on behalf of the more than 2,600 people aged between 16 to 24 years old that are newly infected by HIV every day. Your message of hope will be posted on a giant screen positioned in NYC Times Square.

Let’s also make April 10th the National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day –  Come join us in the call for getting President Obama to recognize the National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day!

Sign your petition, get your friends, colleagues for that matter anyone and everyone as either an individual or an organization to sign up for a good course.

Hope For the Next Generations